Senior Telecom Technician in Abu Dhabi

Region: Abu Dhabi
Date Posted22 May 2016
Expiry Date31 May 2016

Job Purpose:
Conduct installation, preventive maintenance , removal and reinstallation , repair and testing of one or more of the following systems as per work assignment.

VHF, UHF, HF radio equipment
Power line carrier system
Fibre optic carrier system
PA systems, fax, paging systems
NDB ,Meteo oceanographic systems and Air/ Ground equipment
Voice recording systems
Mircrowave, LOS equipment including PCM system
SDH/PDH equipment, with electrical /optical fiber interfaces and related multiplex systems. (STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16)
LAN/WAN equipment, commercial satellite TV (C and Ku band) and CCTV systems
Antenna Installations, measurements and adjustments
Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) that combine the functionality of a PLC with WiMAX and CIT microwave radio systems.
Temporary gas detection systems for simultaneous operations at well head towers.

Conducts a comprehensive corrective and preventive maintenance program on a variety of equipment offshore as per assigned job scope and ensure their availability at the optimum level in accordance with the clients operational requirement. Specified faulty items are sent to ITTN in AUH for repair together with the appropriate documentation.
Conducts corrective maintenance on specified equipment up to component level and ensure that work performed is according to manufacturer’s recommendation.
Investigate causes of defective operation of systems and equipment including interfaces to other systems and recommend modifications to equipment or operational conditions, discussing solutions with the telecom/control engineers as appropriate.
Ensures that maintenance procedures are adhered to and complete all necessary documentation to facilitate work


5 years varied experience in the installation, maintenance ,repair and testing of modern VHF, UHF and HF radio equipment, microwave, multiplexers, specifically where used for data transmission and voice communication and microprocessor based remote terminal systems (RTU) in a Scada environment.
B.Sc in relevant discipline plus 2 yrs of handson experience in relevant field.
work experience in a similar environment in the oil and petro-chemical industry is an advantage.

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