Submarine and Satellite Cable and Connectors Market Analysis and Forecast (2014-2020)

The cables, cable assemblies, and connectors play a crucial role in the integration of various systems & subsystems of the space satellites and submarine infrastructure. Both the industries require cables and connectors which can withstand a harsh environment in order to operate in varying atmospheric conditions. Secondly, lighter and smaller components with reliable efficiency are preferred in the satellite & submarine industries, which create an opportunity for the manufacturers to design highly efficient, standardized as well as customized cables and connectors for these industries.

The factors that are driving the use of the cables & connectors market in satellite and submarine industries include the trend of satellite miniaturization, the demand for high speed connectivity networks, and heavy investments in offshore wind projects. However, the major restraints for the growth of the market are entry barriers for start-ups & SMEs, and natural disaster & maritime threats which may affect the submarine cable networks. The globally expanding demand for application-specific cables and connectors is expected to create a lot of opportunities for the growth of the said market.

Scope of the report:
This report categorizes the global market for cables & connectors on the basis of component, application, industry, and geography.

Market based on component:
The submarine & satellite cable and connectors market, based on component, has been segmented into three types; namely cable & cable assemblies, electronic & mechanical connectors, and other components. The cable & cable assemblies have been further segmented into high data rate cables, power/signal delivery cables, RF microwave cables, and others.

Market on the basis of application:
The applications of the cables & connectors in the satellite and submarine industries include testing and manufacturing/production.

Market based on industry:
The industry analysis of the cable & connectors market covers the satellite and submarine industries. The satellite industry has been further segmented into sub-industries such as military & defense, commercial, civil, and government.

Similarly, the submarine industry has been segmented into sub-industries as oil & gas, energy & power, submarine communication, and others.

Market based on geography:
The geographic analysis covers The Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW). The cross segmentation data included in the report provides an in-depth insight into the regional markets.


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