Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers Market Forecast

The Asia Pacific region is forecast to lead in fusion splicer use over the next decade…

Aptos, CA (USA) – August 21, 2020 — ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market and technology research consultancy addressing the optical communications industry, today announced the release of an extensive study report covering the worldwide market for Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers, covering the years 2019-2029. ElectroniCast is forecasting an overall slowdown average of 14% in consumption value for 2020, partially caused by the negative effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

A Fusion Splicer is a specialized instrument used to join optical fibers to each other. The generally accepted splicing method is arc fusion splicing, which melts the fiber ends together with an electric arc. The new market report provides a forecast for the use of fusion splicers by various fiber optic-based communication applications., such as Telecommunications; Private Enterprise Networks; Cable TV; Military/Aerospace; and Specialty applications.

Telecommunications/Multimedia represented a 68 percent share of worldwide consumption of fiber optic fusion splicers last year; the Telecommunication/Multimedia consumption value reached nearly $268 million in 2019.  In terms of volume (number of new units), the fastest forecasted near-term growth is attributed to the use of fusions splicers to install optical fiber at Data Centers and other Private Enterprise Networks.

The “Greater China Region” (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) is forecast to remain the major user of fusion splicers in the Asia Pacific region (APAC).  The Asia Pacific region use of fiber optic fusion splicers is mostly attributed to countries in the region expanding the reach and density capabilities of their mobile/wireless device (optical fiber) infrastructure, as well as bringing optical fiber closer to the drop-areas, such as Fiber to the Building (FTTB).

For single fiber fusion splicers, ElectroniCast is forecasting a major shift to lighter machines (less than 2.3kg with battery), rapidly grabbing market share versus the larger and heavier units.

This market forecast report is available immediately from ElectroniCast, as well as authorized agents worldwide. For detailed information on this or other services provided by ElectroniCast, please contact us at our website.

Founded in 1981, ElectroniCast – specializes in forecasting trends in technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning, and consulting. ElectroniCast Consultants, as a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serves industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communication and data network companies, and the financial community.  The reduction of the risk of major investment decisions is the main benefit provided.  ElectroniCast Consultants’ goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities facing clients and to provide timely, accurate information for strategic planning.


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