ElectroniCast releases Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters for Optical Fibers Global Market Forecast


ElectroniCast has estimated a slowdown in consumption for 2020, caused by the negative effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) 

February 15, 2021 ElectroniCast, a leading market, and technology consultancy, today announced the report release of their 10-year market forecast of the global consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters used in Fiber Optic Communication Networks.

The PLC splitter market forecast data is segmented by Component Device (compact devices); and Modules (splitter cassette modules).

PLC Splitter Component Devices – According to the study, the worldwide consumption value of PLC splitter component-level compact devices (tube, cassette, or compact box-type) reached an estimated $131.91 million in 2020, down from $153.56 million in 2019; due mainly from the impact on production, sales, shipment, and implementation caused by the negative effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The worldwide consumption value of PLC splitter component-level compact devices (tube, cassette, or compact box-type) is forecast to increase to $176.89 million in the year 2028, before slipping slightly to $176.09 million in 2030.    The forecasted slippage in 2029 is due mainly to approaching market saturation in the key markets.

Not all of the PLC splitter component-level compact devices are used in PLC splitter modules. PLC splitter component-level compact devices (tube, cassette, or compact box-type) can be purchased by the end-user and placed in an existing splice-tray or other enclosure protection. In this consumption scenario, ElectroniCast quantifies the PLC splitter as a component-level device (only) and not quantified as a factory-fabricated PLC splitter module.

However, the PLC splitter component-level compact devices can be installed into a value-added enclosure (module) either by the same company that produced the component-level device (captive producer) or sold to another manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer – OEM) that packages the component-level PLC splitter devices into modules, which are eventually sold and consumed as modules instead of component-level devices. If the end-user purchases the PLC splitters that are already packaged in an enclosure (module, rack-mount, or other enclosure), then ElectroniCast also counts the PLC component-level devices as PLC splitter modules (enclosures).

PLC Splitter Modules – The worldwide consumption value of PLC splitter modules reached an estimated $103.51 million in 2020; in the year 2029, the value is forecasted to reach $210.59 before slipping to $206.20 million in 2030.  The forecasted slippage in 2029 is due mainly to approaching market saturation in the more established sub-regional markets.

The global use of PLC splitters in the Telco/CATV (Service Provider) application category, is forecast for a relatively low growth pattern during the next decade; mainly because much of the “greenfield” (new-built) Telco/CATV projects are winding-down in mature countries.

PLC splitters used in FTTX, PONs, and other Telecom (and CATV) service provider network applications are leading in global consumption in 2021. The PLC splitters used with test/measurement, R&D, and specialty applications are forecast for slow but steady increases each year.

The use of PLC splitters in Private Enterprises is forecast for “double-digit” annual growth for the next decade.  Private Enterprise and the majority of Harsh Environment optical communication usage, tends to favor multimode optical fiber (and lower port-count) and therefore most of the coupler/splitter function is dealt with by the usage of Fused Biconical Taper (FBT) component; however, as overall single-mode optical fiber use and link distances expand in Private Enterprise, including Enterprise Hyperscale Data Centers (HDCs), and Harsh Environments, so will the use of PLC splitters, according to ElectroniCast. It is important to note, however, that device (and module) packaging for the harsh environment application (military, industrial, and other related) demands a cost/price premium versus standard packaging.

This annual study report quantifies PLC splitter compact devices, as well as PLC splitter modules (such as ABS Box modules and other types).

There are several piece-parts that are needed to produce a typical PLC splitter, such as 1 or 2 input optical fibers with an input fiber containment unit, a planar (splitter) chip, a fiber array containment unit, and several output optical fibers (2 or more), as well as the housing/exterior package. PLC splitters are available in several configurations; the study report provides market data on 11-separate configuration (port-count), addressing average selling price, volume, and value, for the years 2020-2030.

This market forecast report, which is available immediately, is part of a consultant service from ElectroniCast to our clients. This market forecast report is available immediately from ElectroniCast. For detailed information on this or other services provided by ElectroniCast, please contact ElectroniCast at their website.

Founded in 1981, ElectroniCast – www.electronicast.com specializes in forecasting trends in technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning, and consulting. ElectroniCast, as a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serves industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communications, and manufacturing companies, as well as the investment/financial community.  Reduction of the risk of major investment decisions is the main benefit provided.  ElectroniCast’s goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities facing clients and to provide timely, accurate information for strategic planning.

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