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This is the landing page when you visit this site. For new visitors, we provide a link to register with us so that they can engage in all kinds of activities such as sharing their news, product details, promote their products, make friends and find potential customers and more…

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This is the place we like to introduce you to Fiber Optic Mania. Here we state our Vision, Mission, Policies regarding news, press and other contents, Terms of use and conditions of this site, Copyrights. We provide you with information about the products and topics we cover in this site. Also, we give a brief insight into the sectors where our readers are mostly oriented. We provide a privacy policy to make the things clear to you. At Fiber Optic Mania, we are transparent. You can see a Sitemap page, which is an obvious reflection of the navigation menu in order to make sure that you do not miss out anything on our website. We give certain guidelines for advertising in Fiber Optic Mania.

This section brings you fiber optic news from around the world. We arrange this section into three such as News, Brief News, and Flash News. FO News covers pretty much information almost to the size of an A4 size page. Brief News, as the name indicates is a two or three paragraph news. Flash News is one-sentence news, which is aimed to provide for information purpose. If you want to explore further on the news, we have provided a search box.

This section contains press releases from companies. We cover press releases from fiber optic companies only. Press releases are either provided by the companies or explored by Fiber Optic Mania.

The blog contents are arranged in order of their published date. The sub-home page for the blog has 10 latest contents. If you wish to explore further, we provide navigation button at the bottom. Whenever our contributors get time, they like to share their thoughts and ideas through this weblog section. Please understand that the opinion expressed is pure of our contributors. We do not discourage anybody from expressing their opinion. If you find anything particularly offensive, please notify us at

Tutorials give you theoretical insight into specific topics related to fiber optics. The topics are arranged in chronological order of their published date.

A great discussion place. Ask anything related to the fiber optics. Our members will answer your queries. Answering and helping others is fun and knowledge giving experience. So why don’t you help others to find their answers? By doing so, you increase your reputation among the community. We provide a separate guideline for use of the forums. Please click here: Forum

Another great place for you to hang out. Test and sharpen your skills. We have provided a separate guideline on how to use Quiz section. Please click here: How to use Fiber Optic Quiz

Our online stores to help you buy fiber optic products such as books, tools, accessories, Courses, DVDs, PDF books, Kindles, Test kits, fiber optic cables and even more. Explore more in our online stores. The store is arranged category-wise. Please click here to know how to use fiber optic stores.