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Which type of fiber optic connector is most widely used in telecommunication?

There are a variety of fiber optic connectors available in the market. Often for a beginner, these many varieties of connectors are really confusing. Not all connectors are used for telecommunication application. Which type of connector is most widely used for telecom applications?

The connector developed by Lucent Technologies, LC type is widely used in telecom and datacenter. The small size of LC connectors makes it attractive for telecom operators to use in the  central office, where the high packing density is preferred.

For Fiber to the home applications, mainly in East Asian countries especially in Japan, SC type connectors are popular. In Middle East Asia also, where FTTH projects are progressing, SC type field installable connectors are used. Saudi Arabia is an exception, where LC type connectors are preferred by local telecom carriers who are historically following the guidelines advised by Lucent.

Mainly for using Telecommunication  LC connectors.