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What is the Operating life of Silicon Photodiodes?

Silicon Photodiodes are used in the optical communication. They are semiconductor devices used for the detection of light in ultra-violet, visible and infrared spectral regions. Silicon photodiodes are small, have low noise but the speed is high and have a good spectral response. Due to these advantages, Silicon photodiodes are widely used for telecommunication and defense applications. As per ITU-T and other international bodies, lifetime of a telecom components shall be more that 20 years.

Wonder, what is the life time of Silicon Photodiodes?

If you install the Photodiodes at their prescribed temperature and other climatic conditions such as humidity etc, they last for an indefinite period of time. You have to follow the specifications given by your supplier.

If you use it in harsh environmental conditions, they may fail due to the changes in their atomic structure. The environmental stress can come from any of the following;

Optical stress

Electrical stress

Mechanical stress

Thermal stress

Any of the above stresses or a combination of the above stresses take your photodiode to the end of its life. Don't go beyond the ranges specified by your supplier.