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What is Add-Drop Multiplexing?

Multiplexing is the process of combining two or more information channels into a single transmission medium. What is Add/Drop Multiplexing?

Multiplexing is the process of combining multiple bandwidth streams into a single stream. An additional lower bandwidth stream can be added to the multiplexed stream or a selected bandwidth can be dropped at any point from the multiplexed signal. This process of adding or dropping of selected bandwidth stream is called Add/drop multiplexing. An add-drop multiplexer, which is often shortly known as ADM is an element of an optical fiber network.

A multiplexer combines several lower-bandwidth streams of data into a single beam of light. An add-drop multiplexer has the capability to add one or more lower-bandwidth signals to an existing high-bandwidth data stream. It also has the capability to extract or drop other low-bandwidth signals, removing them from the stream and redirecting them to some other network path.

ADMs can be used both in long-haul core networks and in shorter-distance Metro networks.