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What does the FOMSN stands for?

What is the meaning of FOMSN? Why is this site called FOMSN? My question to the admin of this site is simple; If the site name is Fiber Optic Social Network, then the short-form could be FOSN, isn’t it? If so, from where the M came?

Is there any special meaning or expansion for M?

Though I have been a user of this site for the past two years, I didn’t think of such a question and answer! Almost two years ago, when I typed in google and searched for FOMSN, the results were not showing this site. First few pages of the Search results showed only MSN. Then gradually over a period of time, FOMSN started appearing!

This is really nice to see that FOMSN is growing! Good luck to all contributors and lovers of fiber optics!

We really need this social network to promote fiber optics without any partiality. This is the great feature I saw in FOMSN. Anybody interested in fiber optics can contribute their bit of knowledge and share what they know. I will definitely tell to my friends and customers about this site.

FOMSN stands for Fiber Optic Mania Social Networks. Our site’s name was Fiber Optic Mania, which we started more than eight years before. That time it was just a blog, from where it has grown to this level. We still prefer to keep that name. Thus, the M stands for Mania. We are fully involved in fiber optics and hence prefer to call ourselves as Maniacs in fiber optics!