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What are the functions of a fiber optic connector?

What are the functions of a fiber optic connector?

The fiber optic connectors provide mechanical connection of two optical fibers. If used in optical transmitter, a fiber optic connector aligns the optical fiber with light emitters in transmitters, In receivers, a connector aligns the fiber with the photo-detectors.

Many connector types are available in the market and I have to say, it is really confusing and hard to remember the advantages of each type of connectors. Many times, I wonder why we need so many varieties of connectors! It is interesting and easy to remember connector types if we go through their development history. For example, the LC connector developed by Lucent.

Fiber optic connector’s function is just like an electric power plug, it connects light from one section of optical fiber to another section of optical fiber. Fiber optic connectors align two fibers end to end so precisely that light can travel from one fiber into another without bouncing off the interface and loss its signal.