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What are the advantages of fiber optics?

Fiber optics is next generation, future-proof technology. No doubt in that. What are the advantages of fiber optics?

Information carrying capacity: Due to the high frequency of light waves, enormous information can be encoded and transmitted.

Fiber optics make use of digital communication technologies and fiber optics the best suitable telecommunication technology for digital transmission.

Low attenuation: Some people say, low loss. Fiber optics use optical fiber as medium for sending light signals. Compared to the previous and existing transmission medium, silica glass optical fibers have extremely lower attenuation. Currently available single mode fibers show less than 0.18 dB/km at 1550 nm.

Longer repeater distance: This is very essential for telecom infrastructure to be economically viable. Longer repeater distances offered by optical fiber cables due to their low levels of attenuation translated in to less number of opto-electronic components. Helps to reduce number of repeaters, amplifiers, regenerators etc.

Cost: As some people say, fiber optics is cheaper, I don’t think it really is. Fiber optic cables may be comparatively expensive than copper cables if you buy it individually, but as a total, networks using fiber optic cables and the capacity equivalents with legacy cables makes fiber optics much cheaper.

Reduced dimensions: Products using optical fibers and therefore components used in fiber optics are much smaller than those used in metallic cable systems..

Electrical interference: Immunity to electrical interference makes fiber optics useful to deploy along with electrical power cables, again contributing to lower deployment cost.

Difficult tap: Did I say, impossible to tap? Remember NSA’s activities. Fiber optics can be tapped and information can be leaked. True, compared to metallic cables, leaking information from fiber optics needs much expertise, time, money and in most cases blessings from authorities including the network operators.

Reduced weight: Another remarkable advantage of fiber optics is almost all components starting from the optical fiber itself have much lesser weight making them easy to deploy.

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