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Suppliers of Material for Micromodule unit

Does anybody know the suppliers of Micromodule unit? Micromodule cables are getting popularity and we are looking for material to make this micromodule in a cable factory. Some kind of polyolefin based materials or polyvinyl chloride base materials are used, but not sure the exact material type.

Can anybody suggest the exact type of material and its suppliers?

Hi Prakash, You may contact DSM Desotech. This company is known for its Coloring ink and fiber coating materials. They have a special grade for micromodule. This is what we learned from one of the Linkedin discussions.

Hi Prakash, you can try some LSOH buffer materials, like the HF series from AlphaGary or quite good S710 type.

There are good LSOH materials from Condor (Germany) like CONGuard 4141

If u would like to have it waterproof I would recommend Hytrel series