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Is Etisalat the only telecom service provider in UAE?

Online news sites, television and printed news papers report progress of FTTH networks in UAE. FTTH Council updates also suggest that UAE leads the countries having highest percentage of fiber connected homes. Search results also show Etisalat as the leading telecom operator. There are many posts in online magazines and websites about Etisalat.

Is there any other telecom service providers in United Arab Emirates?

Yes, there are. du is the second largest telecom service provider in Emirates. du mainly focuses on business customers, deploying FTTB (Fiber to the building) networks. authorities have stressed for sharing of networks in order to balance price competition in the market.

Etisalat had invested significantly in fiber optic deployment projects that lifted the emirates to be on the top of countries with highest percentage of fiber connected homes. du has also invested in fiber optic projects, especially the one coming to my mind is the long haul network from UAE to its neighbor Saudi Arabia that used Corning’s low loss fiber……correct me if I am wrong 🙄

Yes, du is the second largest operator in UAE.