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Invisible Indoor Cabling Solution Providers

Went through an article on Invisible Indoor Cabling solution using optical fiber cables. It is a good solution to provide aesthetics to the interior design. Usually, indoor cables are visible to people. Many house owners do not like to show the indoor cables on the wall.

The new solution introduces a package of cable, adhesive glue and corner clips. I am curious to learn about suppliers of this solution. How many manufacturers can supply this solution?

Hi, My name is Sobhana. Now I will try to answer your question.

the invisible cable as some people name it is not exactly invisible. You can really see it! The thing is, it is difficult to notice this cable if it is installed on the wall or on the desk. The cable has a transparent color. Now coming to your question, as far as I know, there are a few manufacturers currently for this type of cable. In fact, the cable design itself is super simple. Physically, it is just a tight buffered fiber. The fiber type should be bend-insensitive to make it suitable for application in extreme bent/sharp conditions. Some kind of clips or corner bend guides is used to protect the cable and ensure minimum bend radius.

Corning/Samsung, OFS and  TE connectivity are some of the famous brands that can supply invisible cable solutions. Hope I answered your question to your satisfaction.

Hi, my name is Piotr. I fully agree with Sobhana.

Just to add some more info – the similar cabling system are small cables 2 x 3 mm which can be obtained in many colours to comply with the interior where they are installed. The example, unfortunately in Polish only, you can find here,280.html

Thanks a lot Ms. Sobhana and Mr. Piotr. Appreciate your help. This is useful information for me too.

Though the document link you gave is in Polish language, I will translate.

@piotr-l-krzeminskigmail-com, I checked the link you provided. Though your product catalog is in Polish, I could understand some basic functions of your cable. Thanks.

Is it possible to connect field assembly connectors to your indoor cable directly? I mean direct attachment of connector to your cable?

Also, I noted that your cable is LSZH. Can we use it for outdoor environment?