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How many optical fiber cable makers in the world?

Optical fiber cables are deployed in telecom projects worldwide in almost all countries. Some countries produce cables by themselves while many of the countries depend on others for getting the cables. How many optical fiber cable makers are there in total?

Something around 270. It is just my estimation. Is there any criteria for companies to be counted as fiber optic cable manufacturers? If you add patchcord and pigtail makers also into cable makers group, the number will further go up. If you limit them as telecom cable makers, the number will be close to around 270. There are a few recent additions, especially in Middle East, North Africa and CIS. Also read in some forums that five more new setups coming in India.

I am sure China will top the list with more than 50 manufacturers (correct me if I am wrong). You asked a question that is too difficult to answer 🙄 . I love to hear and learn the more accurate answer to this question.