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How many fiber optic cable manufacturing companies are there in China and what are they?

China has the highest consumption of optical fibers in the world. Reports say that around 50% of the world’s optical fiber is consumed in China. Then naturally there will be many fiber optic cable makers in China. How many are there? Can anybody name those cable makers.

If my Chinese friends can list them here, it would be helpful and useful to all, especially for those looking for cables from China.

China map

Around 60?

Around 50, I guess.
Corning has three cable manufacturing locations in China; Beijing CCS FOCC Limited, Corning Hainan and Chengdu CCS Optical fiber cable.
Sumitomo has two factories named SEI Shenzhen (SEFC) and Chengdu SEI-Futong Optical Cable Co.Ltd.
The Prysmian group now has two division such as Draka Comteq Shanghai and Prysmian Telecom Cables Wuxi
Fujikura has three stake holdings such as Nanjing FiberHome Fujikura, Nanjing Fujikura FiberHome Optical Cable, Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable. Out of this Nanjing Fujikura FiberHome Optical Cable has stopped functioning.
Furukawa has two division such as Suzhou Furukawa and FXOC (Furukawa Electric (Xi’an) Optical Communication Co.).
Sterlite has a joint venture with Tongguang, but that is for optical fiber drawing only and not for cables, I guess.
YOFC including its own and joint venture with others has 5 companies such as YOFC (Main), Jiangsu YOFC Zhongli, Tianjin YOFC XMKJ Optical Cable Co. Limted, YOFC Shanghai, YOFC Sichuan.
Japan based Hitachi makes their presence with Zongtian Hitachi Fiber Optic Cable.
Other fiber optic cable manufacturers in China includes;
FiberHome main factory in Wuhan
FiberHome has 4 other stake holding companies in China apart from the two with Japan based Fujikura.
Jiangsu Hengtong
Hengtong has 3 stake holding companies.
Hangzhou Futong
Jiangsu Etern or Yongding
Jiangsu Ganglong
Jiangsu Nanfang
Jiangsu Tongding
Jiangsu Tongguang
Necero Optical Fiber and Cable Co.
Putian Fasten (It has 3 manufacturing locations)
Shandong Pacific
Shenzhen SDGI
SDGI Chongqing
Shenzhen ShiJia Optical fiber Cable Technology Company
Shenzhen Youngsun Com Optical Fiber Cable Company
Sichuan Huiyuan optical Communications Limited
Tongda OFCC
Twentsche Fibre Optics Ltd.
Guuangdong Aoxing
Zhongtian Optical Fiber Cable

Total I could list 49 companies. I am sure the list is not complete. Please fill if you know.

Great answer Mr. Prakash. Appreciate your efforts. You have provided very informative answer. I am sure the users here will find this answer useful. Thank you so much.

There are too many to list them all, but we, Sun Telecom are one of them.

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