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How many fiber optic cable manufacturers in Pakistan?

With over 183 million population, Pakistan has the potential to grow as promising market for FTTH in South Asia, if proper planning and investment is done in the telecommunication sectors. Domestic carriers, service providers and cable TV operators have been installing fiber optic cables in Pakistan.

Chinese fiber optic product manufacturers also supply their products in Pakistan. There may be some fiber optic cable manufacturers who also supply to the domestic demand. How many fiber optic cable manufacturers are there in Pakistan?

I think three cable makers are there in Pakistan.

Premier Cables
Frontier cables
LT Engineering

Asked some of my friends in Pakistan who works in telecom industry. You are correct Mr. Brian. Premier Cables Pakistan is the biggest producer of fiber optic cables in Pakistan. Frontier Cables and LT Engineering also produce optical fiber cables. Recently there was a news about Chinese investment in Pakistan to build economic corridor to connect China and sea ports in Pakistan. This project will bring more job opportunities to our friends in telecom industry. Best of luck.