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How many fiber optic cable manufacturers are there in the African continent?

Just now I completed reading a news in Fiber optic social network that leading Japanese fiber optic cable manufacturer Furukawa will build a fiber optic cable company in Africa, but the location is not yet decided. The news says potential demand in Africa for fiber optic products. New cable production companies will help African countries to reduce dependency on imported cables, which will contribute to faster delivery and quicker completion of projects. Good luck to the people who comes up with fiber optic cable companies in the continent.

How many are there to produce fiber optic cables in African continent. I mean how many fiber optic cable manufacturers are there in African continent?

Let me count; Catel in Algeria, Egytech and El-Sewedy in Egypt, M-tec and cbi in South Africa.

So, a total of four as far as I know. I am not sure about any upcoming projects.

FBR Cables Casablanca – Morocco new set up and new project is coming by Furukawa.

Does anybody know whether there is a fiber optic cable factory in Angola or not?