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How many fiber optic cable companies in Mexico?

How many fiber optic cable manufacturing companies are there in Mexico?

Mexico is not a well explored market. I kmow only Condumex. I have never gone to Mexico for business, but guess the presence of US cable makers is strong in Mexican market. Hence, including Condumex here may be a maximum of three companies. This is just my guessing.

@chen, there are two companies to make fiber cables in Mexico. Condumex, which is the largest company in terms of annual optical fiber consumption. The second one is Ju-Young-Samsung Joint venture.

Fiber’s comment is true that Mexico is not a well explored market for most of the Asian and European suppliers. However, North American product suppliers have been active in the market either directly or through local subsidiaries.

Ju-Young is a 40 year old South Korean company, which started their facility in Mexico ten years ago in 2005. Ju-Young makes simple, duplex zipcord and distribution type tight buffered optical fiber cables, Round drop cable, Single and double sheathed duct, direct buried and aerial cables. Ju-Young also offers Cabinet racks, Fiber distribution frames, Wall mount outlets, fiber optic splitters, fiber optic patchcords, fiber optic splice closures etc. (Source: Ju-Young website)