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How do you define fiber optics?

There is a growing interest in fiber optics all over the world. I am student wishing to pursue study in fiber optic technology. Of course, I can define what is fiber optics, but it would be to the interest of all visiting this site to know more about fiber optics, especially to the student who prepare their projects. What is the definition of fiber optics? or how do you define fiber optics?

Fiber optics is a general term used to represent the communication using optical fibers. Hence Fiber Optics can be defined as the communication technology in which the sound energy is converted to electrical and then light to transmit through thin silica glass/plastic fiber.

Since a lot of things comes under the domain of fiber optics, it is difficult to precisely define fiber optics. For some people, fiber optics is just one of the telecommunication technologies in telecom industry. For those who work in the medical field, fiber optics is all about the thin threads of plastic/glass that helps them in diagnosis and surgery. For people accessing internet, fiber optics is a broadband technology that makes their life comfortable by providing high speed internet services.

For online-game lovers, fiber optics is a technology that provides them seamless connectivity. For security and surveillance staff, fiber optics is a monitoring technology that helps them identify malpractices and manipulations. For people working in cable manufacturing industry, fiber optics is a thin thread of glass that makes their cables smaller and lighter.

For those work in Oil and Gas field, the concept of fiber optics is related to the sensors. People working in civil engineering perceives fiber optics as a sensor that helps them track the crack growth of structures including buildings. People working in mobile telecommunication, fiber optics is a supporting telecom network technology to their backbone traffic. For those working in Fiber to the home deployments, fiber optics is a last mile technology.

Thanks Prakash