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How calculate blowing distance?


do you know mathematical method for calculation blowing distance optical fiber cable to duct?

Method for determining the difficulty of the route.

For example shape circle and 8.

For a micro duct cable having a weight of 22 kg per kilometers, the blowing distance was 2000 meters on a figure of 8 duct trial route. This gives an indication of practically achievable lengths of anything around 1.5 km to 2 kilometers. Well enough for my requirements.

From my experience, with the conditions as you said, that is HDPE Cable, HDPE duct, and 15 bar blowing pressure, a cable weighing 30kg/km was blown 1.9 km.

With the same conditions, a cable weighing around 45kg/km was blown 1.4km.

For me, a blowing distance of anything around 1 km is good since most of my requirements are less than 1 km. I will rely on practical results. I ask suppliers to do the trial and prove it rather than relying on theoretical calculation. At the end of the day, I need to blow the cable on the field.

As far as I know, the blowing distance depends on cable type, blowing machine, the number of bends in the duct route, duct type, blowing parameters, etc. A theoretical calculation cannot be an indication of the practically achievable length. We should blow and see the results.

practically yes. I mean ideally condition,

For example:

route shape 8, HDPE duct, HDPE cable, blowing machine with 15 bar.