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Can I Mix Optical Fibers from Different Manufacturers?

Sirs, we are in a difficult situation now since our cable supplier says they are not in a position to supply cables to out project. We do not want to stop our project. Only choice is we need to change the cable supplier. We approached another cable company. They are ready to supply fiber optic cables to our project.

The problem: The old cable supplier used optical fibers from a Japanese company, SEI in their cables. The new cable company will use optical fibers from Furukawa. Fiber type is G.652D low water peak fiber.

My question is: Can I splice and use optical fibers from different companies? Is there any reliability issues if we mix both fibers?

Your kind help is appreciated.

It is always better to use fibers from the same manufacturer for a network. However, there may be unavoidable situations where you will need to use fibers from others. As long as it does not affect transmission characteristics and pass the fiber characterization tests, it is fine. For me and from my experience, the claims such as “You should not mix fibers from different suppliers” is a nonsense. If that is true, why ITU-T took so big efforts to streamline specifications?

Multi vendor product compatibility is the major reason for specifications of ITU-T fiber characteristics. Yes, I agree that you need to take care of reflections when you splice optical fibers from different manufacturers. Remember, new transmission systems are smarter than what you think based on your old  experience.

In short………go ahead and make your network.

No problem. Go ahead and use fibers from the one you told. Japanese optical fiber suppliers use Vapor phase axial deposition method for making preform. This method was developed under the leadership of the telecom carrier in JapAn, NTT. All the three major fiber makers were part of the project and they use similar VAD process.

It is a go from my side.

No problem, you can use where as both are ITU G652D complaint

Thanks a lot. You all are professionals in the field of fiber optics. Great to learn from you all.