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Any new optical fiber / cables projects in Andhra Pradesh?

Raju here. Any new optical fiber / cables projects in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India?


Hi Raju, there is an upcoming fiber optic network project in Andhra pradesh for installation of ADSS fiber optic cables. State will be responsible for phase II of the project that will connect cables to the Mandal level. BharatNet will execute the Phase I of this project. I think Renjith is mentioning about this project in his reply.

Andhra pradesh is one of the few states in India that has taken deployment of fiber optic infrastructure seriously. The chief minister recently visited Japan to invite more investment to the state. His ministerial team invited Furukawa to build a new factory in Andhra pradesh. Probably you know better about it. We have reported about this in May this year.

Yes, State Wide GPON deployment. aproximate 2000 OLT’s, 1500EDFA , lakhs of ONT’s and FMS…