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ADSS cable tension

Hi all,

Do you have some experiences with calculation tension ADSS optical cable.

Premise, that tension calculation is only from strength member(yarn), FRP don’t calculation therefore clamps hold only the cable jacket, it’s correct?

I know that are MAT, MOT, MIT ……..

So how I calculation braking tension?

Thank you  guys,

May I know for what exactly you are looking for?

ADSS cable tensile strength calculation is not simple like conventional duct and direct buried fiber cables. Since ADSS cable is subjected to wind and ice loading, we need to consider the tensile forces due to the wind and pressure from the ice formation. As part of my job, some twenty years ago, I have experience in calculation of strength and design of ADSS loose tube type cables. I used excel sheet at that time. To be frank, I don’t have those formula right now.

By theory, all the cable elements will contribute towards tensile strength of a cable. But for safety reasons, the prominent strength providing elements such as Aramid yarns are considered for strength calculation for ADSS cable. FRP also contribute towards strength. but for ADSS aerial cables, strength of Aramid yarns are taken for calculation of tensile strength of the cable mainly.

Hello, that’s a pity that you haven’t the excel list yet. I know, that aramid yarns are mainly tensile elements in cable and FRP don’t calculate with together, because clamp hold the cable on jacket, so every force it works on yarns.

Hey, there is nothing pity for me for not having the excel sheet. Having that excel sheet is not a great thing in your career. I am no more a design engineer for cable now.
Anyway, if you want help with that calculation, I can ask my people to provide that. For which company you work?