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How many cable makers in African continent?

This group has been inactive for a while. In order to make this live again, please aswer this simple question. You might know that Africa's fiber consumption is around 20 million fiber kilometres. These are mainly consumed by mobile operators and FTTx deployment companies. Egypt and South Africa are leading consumers of optical fibers in African continent. Mostlty, fiber optic cables are imported in African countries.

How many optical fiber cable manufacturers are there in African countries? fiber optical cable production machines are available now at compartively cheaper prices from countries like China and India. Chinese machines are cheaper and are widely available. However, you can't expect the quality of European machines on Chinese machines. Also, the level of service quality offered by European cable machine manufacturers is simply superb. In order to reduce the capital expenditure to start a production of optic cables, investors look for cheaper (economically justifiable) equipment from China. I am not promoting Chinese machines here, but just stating the market reality.

Please list out the names of optical fiber cable manufacturers in African countries.

Hi Admin, thanks for bringing up this question. As you said, this group has been inactive for a while. Let me add the comments on the fiber optic companies that I know;

  1. Yangtze Optics Africa (YOA) Cable (Pty) Ltd, is an optical fibre cable manufacturer located in the Dube Trade Port Industrial Development Zone in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. YOA Cable is part of YOFC, which is a prominent Chinese fiber optic cable manufacturer.
  2. CBi Telecom, which is probably Africa’s one of the first fiber optic cable manufacturers, is also based in South Africa.
  3. Coleman Technical Industries Limited (CTIL) manufacturers of wires and cables have a fibre optic cable factory in Ogun state, Nigeria, which is first in West Africa.  The technical know-how are being done in collaboration with Corning Inc.
  4. AM Hengtong Africa Telecoms (AMHT) is a South African based company that manufactures optical fiber cables including underground fiber cables, aerial fiber cables and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) optical fiber cables. AMHT is a venture between Alcon Marepha (Pty) Ltd, 100% black owned South African based company that specialises in the manufacture of overhead aluminium power conductors; and Hengtong Optic Electric, a Chinese based company.
  5. Benya Cables, a subsidiary of Benya Group, is another fiber optic cables manufacturer & passive network provider in Egypt and the MEA region.
  6. HitekNOFAL Solutions, Egypt launched its own fiber optic manufacturing facility to produce both fiber optic cables and accessories in 2018.
  7. Malesela Taihan Electric Cable known as M-TEC, has been a leading player in the cable industry in South Africa for over 50 years. M-Tec started fiber optic cable production in 2001.
  8. Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. opened a new optical fiber cable manufacturing plant in Tangier, Morocco in 2018.
  9. Elsewedy Cables has optical fiber cable and accessories manufacturing facility in Egypt.

In additon to what Thomas wrote, there is one more company in Tanzania. Raddy Fiber Manufacturing Tanzania focuses on production of High Quality Fiber Optic Cables and its Accessories.

FBR Cables in Morocco has manufacturing site located on the CFCIM Bouskoura Park near Casablanca. FBR Cables produce optical fiber cables and accessories.

James added Raddy Fiber as 10th Fiber optic cable/accessories manufacturer and Praveen added FBR Cables in Morocco as 11th fiber optic cable manufacturer in Africa.

Here is the 12th one, the you guys might have forgotten: CATEL in Algeria. CATEL is a company specializing in the production and marketing of copper and optical fiber cables.

Hi guys, adding two more companies that have operations in Africa;

13. BMET in Ethiopia is a fiber optic cable manufacturer, invested by Elsewedy, I guess. Please correct if I am wrong.

14. East Africa Cables in Kenya also produces fiber optic cables