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Fiber cables are strong and fast for efficient communication and transmission of data. They are unique because they transmit light instead of electrical signals, so the terminations are required to be more accurate.

An optic fiber connector aligns microscopic glass fibers perfectly to allow for communication without disruption and has similar design feature. Better connectors lose very little light because of reflection. While we are installing a new fiber optic network or repairing an old one connector guide is very important.

In the market, there are different kind of connectors available and a good guide is a big requirement. These connectors are used in telephone company at central offices, customer premises, and near the outside plant, applications to connect equipment and cables, or to cross-connect cables.

Most optical fiber connectors are spring-loaded, so the fiber faces are pressed together when the connectors are mated. The resulting glass-to-glass or plastic-to-plastic contact eliminates signal losses that would be caused by an air gap between the joined fibers.

Fiber connections are compared based on two values reflection and attenuation. The standard defines attenuation from grade A to D and M(multimode) and reflection with grades from 1 to 5.

There is a huge variety of different kinds of connectors, SC, ST, FC, and LC being the most common ones. SC is non-optical disconnect connector, available in simplex and duplex design which enables quick patching into racks and wall mounts.

ST type is mainly used in the distribution frame. It has a circular shell and fixed bayonet. FC, ferrule connector or fiber channel is commonly used in measurement equipment and single-mode lasers. LC provides pull-proof design and small size for denser applications.

It incorporates latching mechanism for stability in rack mounts. Some more features of good connectors can be ease of installation, low cost, ease of use, low environmental sensitivity.

A Fiber optic connector is made of three major components Ferrule, connector body, coupling mechanism. Ferrule holds the glass fiber and is very thin and hollow and forms the tight grip.

The connector body is metal or plastic and joins ferrule to the jacker for strength to fiber cable. The coupling mechanism is a part that is required when another device is attached to the connector.

As the technology is improving and expanding day by day, the amount of data requests by common men is increasing there is a demand for high speed of data/internet. Because of this many service providers have shifted to fiber optics instead of normal wires.

Fiber optics support fast 4G and 5G speed Internet. These cables are installed using the fiber optic connectors. As the usage, has been increasing in the past few years, many manufacturers and suppliers in this industry have started producing good and useful fiber optic connectors.

There is one more kind of connector available in the market called Field-mountable connectors, these join jumper cables with one single-mode fiber.

They are then differentiated based on their assemblies being single-jointed or multi-jointed. The basic difference is in the number of spots where fibers are connected.

Before using the connectors, testing can help to judge their quality. There are two kinds of testing factory testing and field testing. Field testing is done using an optical microscope to check dirt and blemishes.

Factory testing requires more rigorous checking of standards and is more complex.

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