MTP/MPO Fiber Cable and its Application in 40G Network


As the request for greater bandwidth and higher-density fiber optic connections within data centers continues, these requirements must be met by choosing the right type of connectivity. MPO/MTP fiber cable is specially designed for applications for all networking and device needs like 40G modules. It uses a high-density multi-fiber connector system built around precision molded MT ferrule, which are available in UPC and APC polish. It supports both multimode and single-mode applications, and optional lengths available. There are two main MTP/MPO cables types: MPO/MTP trunk cables and MPO/MTP harnesses cables. The following article will have a brief introduction to them individually.

MPO/MTP Standard Trunk Cables

72F-OM4 Patch CableAvailable in 12, 24, 48 and 72 fibers, MPO/MTP trunk cables work as a permanent link that connects MPO/MTP modules to each other. These cables are used to facilitate rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments reducing network installation or reconfiguration. A 72-fiber MPO/MTP trunk cable (see in the below image) can be terminated with 6 MPO/MTP connectors which are manufactured specifically for multi-fiber loose tube or ribbon cable. The MPO/MTP Trunk cable is designed for Data Center Applications.

These cables can interconnect cassettes, panels or ruggedized MPO fan-outs, allowing for the flexibility in case any decision is made to change the connector style in the patch panels, new cassettes can be installed with the new connector style on the cross-connect side of the patch panel without having to change the connector on the cable trunk.

FS.COM offer single-mode (OS2) and multimode (10G OM3, 10G OM4) MPO/MTP Cable. Single-mode MPO/MTP cable is primarily used for applications involving extensive distances, 10G MPO/MTP cable provide 10G data transfer speeds in high bandwidth applications and they are 5 times faster than standard 50um fiber cable. Work with both VCSEL laser and LED sources, that means, the MTP/MPO trunk cables also provide 40G/100G MPO/MTP trunk cable.

MPO/MTP Harnesses Cables

Single-Mode-Fiber-Optic-Harness-CableThe MPO/MTP Harnesses cable is MPO/MTP on one end, with single-fiber connectors on another end, single-fiber connector interface available in SC, ST, LC, MTRJ in forms of simplex or duplex channeling. It provides a reliable, cost-effective cabling system for migrating from legacy 10G to higher speed 40G/100GbE. They are suitable for many device needs like 100G modules, including CFP, CFP2 and CFP4 series. MPO/MTP Harnesses cable are available in SM (OS2), MM (OM3/OM4). You could select a suitable fiber according to your own needs with the selection of 12/24/72 fiber cores. The following picture shows the OS2 Fiber Optic Harness Cable.

The MPO/MTP harnesses cable application for data centers requiring quick infrastructure deployment with an extended reach that want to maintain bandwidth throughout the infrastructure, its design caters for up-scaling needs and future technologies growth, it’s the best solution, which covers all fiber optic cabling needs in all areas of Data Center.

High-density MTP/MPO Cables for 40G Connection

IEEE 802.3ba 40 Ethernet Standard was ratified in June 2010. This standard specifies MPO connectors for standard-length MMF connectivity. MMF employs parallel optics using MPO interconnects for 40GbE transmission. More specifically, 40G is implemented using eight of the twelve fibers in an MPO connector. Four of these eight fibers are used to transmit while the other four are used to receive. Each Tx/Rx pair is operating at 10G.

The figure below shows a Type B MTP female trunk cables for 40GBASE SR4 QSFP+ and multi-fiber migration networks.


The fFigure below shows how to extend your Cisco Nexus 10GBASE-LR networks up to 40G with MTP cable and 4x10GBASE-LR SFP+ transceiver for your high-speed data center solution. The 4x 10GBASE-LR SFP+ transceivers interconnection with 1x 40GBASE-LR QSFP+ transceivers (QSFP-40GE-LR4) by one MTP to 4LC harness cable directly.


Fiberstore MPO-based fiber cabling solutions provide a fast, simple and economical way for 40G applications. Certainly, 40G fiber cabling solutions are not only limited to MPO/MTP fiber cables. QSFP cables, especially direct attach copper cables are also recommended. 40G direct attach cable provides a cost-effective solution for high-density network connectivity. You can see the detailed information in an article entitled “40G Direct Attach Cable (DAC) Cables Overview”.


To sum up, MPO/MTP cabling has proven to be an excellent solution for delivering 10G, 40G and 100G transmission, especially within a data center environment. It provides a flexible, high-density option for quickly connecting services. The MPO/MTP fiber cables are tested with guaranteed quality, and they can be installed easily, which saves time and money. Besides MPO/MTP cables, other cables are also supplied, like LC to ST fiber cable, LC-SC cable, SC SC fiber cable, and so on.

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