Turkey and Kazakhstan Talks About Fiber Optic Link

Leaders of Turkey and Kazakhstan met this week Thursday to discuss various issues for regional co-operation in many areas including telecommunication. Among the many issues discussed, one of the items interesting to our readers was the creation of a fiber optic network that links Kazakhstan and Turkey. This route can further connect with the Middle East, Europe, and China.

Kazakhstan hopes for access to the Middle East and Europe through Turkey. Turkey sees Kazakhstan not only as a reliable ally in the Central Asian region but also as an effective communicator with the countries at the core of Eurasian integration. At the heart of this core is quite a pragmatic implementation of projects and ideas. In particular, the development of transport communications, linking Central Asia with Turkey and China via the Caspian Sea and the South Caucasus, the idea of delivery of energy to Europe through alternative pipelines, the creation of a single fiber optic cable route, which could connect parts of the Eurasian continent.

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