E-sports now a day

E-sports now a day 1There’s a new term starting to pop up on many sports-related websites around the internet, as well as gaming-related ones! You may have heard of such a term called ”esports”. Many young people who love to play e-sport game also are very heavily into e-sports, since gaming is also a type of sport and an impressive one at that! There’s a lot of new athletes trying to get into this new and popular phenomenon, which is also great since a lot of the esports games also revolve around games related to real-life sports! Having more hobbies just gives you more time to learn and invest in yourself, and that’s always a great thing, no matter what your interests are.

So how do you play an e-sport game?

First of all, what are you playing on? Your PC? a PlayStation of some sort? Your Nintendo switch? Xbox? There are many options, and for starters, it’s great to choose one option to begin with pursuing this unique hobby, which could become a career for many people and a hobby to pass time with! Then, what kind of game are you interested in? A puzzle game? A fighting game, shooting game? There’s plenty of options and you will probably find your special game if you search online hard enough! When you find the game you’re gonna invest in, you need to make sure there’s competition for it, so you can participate in esports events and find like-minded people to play against as well as with!

Esports is becoming very well known and loved these days.

A lot of people can sense the huge potential of the gaming industry, and making some money from such a big consuming hobby is inevitable, people want their time to be worth it! So then at first, they were online virtual matches, and competition online only, but as we grew closer to the game, an idea came up! So many gamers dedicate lots of hours into a game, trying to beat it and become the best possible player of the game, just like a regular sport such as football or even checkmate, so if people practice and put so much effort and passion, time and talent into their gaming experience, we should give those individuals a platform to help them succeed outside of it, and make their hard work and support to the game feel worthy, by making a sports event for esports specifically!
That made many gamers more determined and hardworking to make their hobby a career where their hard work is being rewarded!

How to start becoming good at a game?E-sports now a day 2

First, you have to love the mechanics and strategy of the game, when you learn how to control your mechanics, you should like to use it, that’s when you know the game is for you. Another thing to remember is that you may fail a lot of times before you make it in the industry and become a well-known e-sport player,  and getting burned out from a game is only natural, and if you truly like your passion for the game is lost, try and find a new game, search for an exciting redeeming chapter in your life to invest in a new fresh hobby. But if you are still passionate about a game, try different strategies look at how other people approach that same game because for a game, there’s going to be different types of ways to ideas to play it, and what may work for some players not always work for you, and that is okay, keep practising and you will find your gaming style, and may continue to grow your talent and love for gaming as a whole.

Now, after you've done all of the technical stuff, what?

A lot of people start getting recognition from streaming themselves play the game and Youtube or websites like Twitch! There you can gain followers that can back you up, and also make money off, and of course, share your hobby with other people and just have time to relax with strangers who may dream to become pro gamers like you. And the plus is, you get recognition, as well as motivation, and you can get lots of opportunities to participate in esports events for real and get scouted, which you need luck for. But honestly, after having at least a bit of experience, you can reach out to companies and show them your experiences with gaming, and get into a contention! Start with something small, like a local arcade event, and slowly, you may become a professional gamer!



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