Sterlite Introduces High Fiber Count Cables Using TruRibbon Technology


India’s leading telecommunication network solution manufacturer and one of the global leaders of optical fibers and cables, Sterlite Tech has launched the high fiber count optical fiber cables using its TruRibbonTM technology. The fully backward-compatible TruRibbons will ensure the high-density data networking required by the current network installations.

Sterlite’s solution is the first of its kind from India. As data requirements continue to explode in an unexpected fashion, service providers, hyper-scale data center builders, and other network owners have been looking for innovative cabling solutions to complete the projects in a shorter time.

Flexible ribbons containing 12 number of fibers bonded together adjacently provide greater flexibility for compact cable processing and therefore it is easier for cable designers to make reduced diameter loose tubes with high fiber density.

The press release published at Sterlite’s website states that in order to meet the expectations of network installers who look for ongoing innovation in fiber connectivity and cable solutions to enable speed and agility at competitive costs. Sterlite Tech has been continuously innovating to meet these needs and utilizing its unique and industry-leading design capability, it has now developed cables using the TruRibbonTM Ribbon.

Though the details of the product are not available in the press release, Sterlite showcases its new solutions in the OFC 2019 being held in San Diego, the United States. Optimized for first-time-right installation, TruRibbonTM– Ribbon Reinvented offers a unique combination of five key benefits, bringing tremendous time and cost saving in fiber network rollouts.

Note that the brand name is TruRibbon, not True Ribbon. Many people search on the internet by hearing the word not by reading the spelling. So, it is quite reasonable to make mistake while typing in search engines. Though it sounds like True Ribbon, it is not really True, but TRU

Sterlite says that its new cable will be useful to the ultra-high fiber count solution for small cells, data centers, and FTTx backhaul requirements.

The new series of cables using the TruRibbon technology would be full compatibility with all conventional flat ribbons for splicing. TruRibbon is also similar to the conventional ribbons while stripping, handling techniques and when using the preparation tools.

ribbons within a tube are identified by printing on the ribbons. This method makes it possible to incorporate many numbers of 12F ribbons in a tube.

The diameter of the cables made by TruRibbon is significantly reduced compared to traditional ribbon design cables. The backward compatibility ensures the solution can easily be spliced to legacy ribbon using existing equipment, avoiding the cost of new splicing equipment or a change in practices. At the same time, the solution’s compactness enables smaller handholes, contributing to significant cost reduction.

From the most robust physical layer of the network to the most diverse and intelligent application layer, Sterlite Tech is delivering excellence through consistent investment and focus on disruptive technology developments.

Sterlite Technologies Ltd. is a data network solutions leader that designs, builds and manages smarter digital networks globally. It provides end-to-end network solutions for global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks, and the defense. With innovation at its core, its technological solutions are developed at the Center of Excellence for broadband research and Center for Smarter Networks for next-generation network applications. The Company has manufacturing facilities in India, Italy, China and Brazil, and two Software Delivery Centers.

For more details and the picture of the product, you can visit the Sterlite website and check the press release.

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