Mobile Network Operators Will Benefit from FTTx Deployment


Market research firm Research and Markets has published a new report on business opportunities and the strategies that can help mobile network operators providing FTTx services apart from their mobile services in the Asia-Pacific region. The report titled “FTTx Networks and Services for Mobile Operators in Emerging Asia-Pacific: Assessing the Opportunity ” covers existing operators and emerging opportunities in the market.

The new report analyses the business case for mobile network operators (MNOs) in the emerging Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to invest in FTTx networks. The report also provides recommendations for MNOs in emerging APAC that have rolled out FTTx networks or are considering doing so.

The central problem for mobile network operators (MNOs) in the emerging Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is stagnating revenue in countries where the opportunity to attract new, first-time subscribers is limited and the value of the mobile voice market is declining. One possible solution for MNOs in the region is to invest in the fixed broadband segment and build their own FTTH/B networks. This could also have positive implications for operators’ mobile businesses and could tie in with strategies to become digital service providers.

The report discusses the circumstances in which MNOs in emerging APAC should invest in FTTx networks rather than considering options such as offering cellular technologies for home broadband connections. It also outlines the network-related synergies that MNOs in the emerging APAC region can benefit from if they roll out FTTx networks.

The report answers which retail-related synergies an MNO in the emerging APAC region can benefit from if it rolls out an FTTx network. The report provides an assessment of how an MNO should design its retail FTTx offers should it decide to offer such fixed broadband access.

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