LigTel Gets Permission to Deploy Fiber Cables in Shipshewana


LigTel Communications has received clearance from Shipshewana town board members for the fiber optic project. The project designed to bring high-speed, fiber optic broadband services to Shipshewana would start once the weather conditions become favorable for the deployment.

The local media reported that the Shipshewana town board members had voted unanimously to approve the permit needed to install fiber optic cables in the right of ways owned by Shipshewana.

The Noble county-based LigTel Communications was founded as the Ligonier Telephone Company in Ligonier, Indiana in 1896 by Harry Inks. Product offerings have expanded greatly from the original telephone service, leading to the current deployment of cutting-edge fiberoptic cables to feed the Internet, television, and telephone services. LigTel continues to investing infrastructure development to best serve its customers in the seven county footprints that it covers in northeastern Indiana.

The estimated cost of the project is about US$2 million. As per the contract terms and conditions, LigTel needs to ensure that the fiber optic network will be built in and around Shipshewana up and running within 365 days after construction starts.

Shipshewana town officials understand the importance of fiber optic network in the town and are well aware of the benefits that the high speed broadband will deliver to the residents and the businesses. Apart from creating local jobs, fiber optic networks also contribute to the economic development of the town by supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship among the local population.

Fiber optic networks, during these difficult times of Covid-19, help work from home, and other online businesses. High bandwidth is required to deliver the kind of services being demanded by end users and offered by service providers.

LigTel is planning to bring at least three high speed options to its customers in and around Shipshewana. One of the attractive packages is delivering 1 Gbps broadband over fiber to homes and businesses.

In addition to the fiber optic internet to Shipshewana, LigTel has started a project to Topeka, and is looking at an additional project that would allow LigTel to bring fiber optic services to other LaGrange County communities.

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