Keystone Heights Airport Plans for Fiber Deployment


Keystone Heights Airport plans to deploy fiber optic cables as a measure to enhance and modernize its telecommunication facilities and update the broadband services in the Airport region. The Airport Authority will receive the required fund for the project from the Florida Job Growth Grant.

Fiber optic deployment project would bring job opportunities to the locals. The current senator Rick Scott who is a former Florida governor approved six projects on this week and announced source of the funds for the expansion projects.

Keystone Heights airpark with aeroplanes parked visible through a tree from the road

Keystone Heights Airport in Bradford County was one of the six projects that are being approved. Modernization of airport facilities with latest communication cables is a necessary step to ensure the safety of the air traffic and the passengers. Airport and connected office automation can also be done by laying the fiber optic cables. Apart from communication purpose, fiber optic cables are used for Airport surveillance using cameras.

Keystone Heights Airport Chairman David Kirkland is excited to use the money to help fund projects such as building an access road through the airport, enhance broadband and telecommunications connectivity, as well as create more jobs in the area.

The Chairman told that his ext plan is to discuss the plans with engineers about constructing fiber optic facilities on the property. The project would consist of route survey, design, deployment and commissioning.

The other projects that will receive grants are the Crawford Diamond industrial site in the town of Callahan, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, State College of Florida to create the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation, Greenville’s manufacturing facility, and the city of Avon Park to extend industrial water and sewer connectivity.

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