Deutsche Telekom Plans to Deploy 60,000 km Fiber Optic Network in 2019

The incumbent telecommunications service provider, Deutsche Telekom announced its plans to deploy 60,000 kilometers of optical fiber network in 2019. The announcement came when the provider revealed its plans for 2019. Deployment of fiber optic network is key to achieve other plans.

Deutsche Telekom has been aggressive in deploying fiber-optic broadband throughout Germany. A few days ago, the provider had enhanced the broadband speeds to 100 Mbps for its subscribers in 227 municipalities that would benefit around 241,000 customers. Read it here: Broadband Speed Increase in Germany

map of GermanyIn fact, for Deutsche Telekom, the deployment is a continuation of its ongoing work. By expanding the fiber optic network, millions more households will get modern, high-capacity broadband lines. Deutsche Telekom invests heavily in rural areas as well as it does not discriminate rural areas. Its focus on rural connectivity could be a model for service providers in other nations. Provision of broadband is a social responsibility to empower all human beings that would build intelligent future generations. So, the progress should not limit to the urban areas.

Apart from connecting the villages, Deutsche Telekom also focuses on the upgrade of business parks with fiber optic cables. After conducting advance marketing for 140 business parks in 2018, Deutsche Telekom will now start connecting them with fiber-optic cables in 2019. The Egelsbach business park near Frankfurt would be the first business park to get the high-speed connectivity cables.

Telekom has already planned Fiber-to-the-home upgrades in 2019 for around 61,000 households in Bautzen, for around 47,000 households in the Märkischer Kreis district, and around 45,000 households in the northern Saxony region. The first 30,000 households in and around Stuttgart are planned to be connected with optical fiber as part of a major digitalization project. The digging is scheduled to start here in the second quarter.

Telekom also plans to increase the speed of existing lines. In 2019, Telekom plans to modernize around 5 million households that would increase the broadband speeds from the current 50 Mbps to higher speeds.


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