Sterlite Bagged Order Worth US$ 5.1 million for Supply of 288F High Count Metal Free Fiber Optic Cables from BSNL


Sterlite will supply 288F high count Ribbon Fiber optic cables to BSNL, India’s public sector telecommunication operator. This is the first time in India, a company being awarded an order for supply of High count Metal free Ribbon optical fiber cables of more than 144F.BSNL has special design requirements for high count metal free optical fiber cables that will be used for access networking. Sterlite will supply high-density ribbon fiber optic cables to BSNL whose plan is to initially install these cables in 100 city locations across the country.

India’s BSNL buy High count ribbon cables of loose tube design. 12 fiber ribbons are placed in loose tubes color coded for easy identification. These loose tubes are stranded over a central strength member which is up-jacketed with polyethylene. Stranded core is sheathed with Polyethylene and further protected by Nylon-12 jacket against termite attacks.

288F high count metal free Ribbon optical fiber cables are manufactured with eight small intermittent fillers to give circularity to the stranded core. The loose tube outer diameter is 6.7mm which is quite high and cable weight is also higher compared to the current industry trends and practices. BSNL designs for higher count cables starts from 48 Fiber per cable. 48F, 96F, 144F, 288F and 576F cables are classified as High count cables by BSNL in India. A sample diagram of 144F High count Non-metallic Ribbon Optical fiber cable used by BSNL in India is shown below:

Ribbon type optical fiber multi tube duct and direct buried cable

BSNL will use these high count ribbon fiber optic cables in their Pan-India broadband access network in order to enhance the efficiency of network roll-out. High count Ribbon fiber optic cables will provide an efficient way to achieve high fiber density, as well as to reduce the time required for installation per fiber. This will reduce installation time and cost.

The contract worth US$ 5.1 million or 24 Crores Indian rupees is considerably a big tender in Indian telecom scenario. Sterlite plans to cash out from the growth in demand for fiber cable from the domestic and global telecom and power sectors. To accelerate the growth, Sterlite is also scaling up its operations.

Sterlite will double its manufacturing capacity at its optical fiber facility to 12 million-km and is planning 3 fold increase in the manufacturing capacity at its fiber optic cables facility to six million-km.Recently, Sterlite, India’s leading optical fiber and telecom cables manufacturer, had bagged two contracts worth US$ 26 million or Indian Rs 107 crores from BSNL.

The first contract was for the supply of fiber optic cables that BSNL will install in 900 urban centers across India and the second was for copper telecom cables to develop basic telephone infrastructure in India’s rural areas.

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