BT Enhances Fiber Network Capacity with DCI Platform

British Telecom (BT) has selected Ciena’s DCI Platform to upgrade its fiber netwrok capacity throughout the UK. The DCI Platform that increases the capacity of BT’s existing fiber optic cables will help the operator to meet data growth driven by 5G and its ongoing FTTP deployments.

BT is preparing for deployment of 5G services in 16 cities by this year. This coupled with its ongoing fiber deployments to the premises (FTTP) have started putting pressure on its existing fiber infrastructure.

To support growing traffic demands of 5G and FTTP, BT will deploy Ciena’s Waveserver™ stackable data center interconnect (DCI) platform to massively increase the capacity connecting its data centers to the UK’s main Internet peering nodes.

Ciena’s Waveserver provides BT with rapid network scalability to support mobile data growth from 5G, and growing residential broadband traffic driven by FTTP – while also reducing cost-per-bit through greater efficiency.

BT has plans to deploy 5G in 16 cities in 2019,. At the same time the growth in residential broadband is estmated at 40 percent annually. BT Needs a significantly new capacity for its fiber network in all areas. When the demand from the access part increases, it puts pressue on the core network. The traffic growth to the 5G particularly press on the main core links.

Ciena Waveserver

Waveserver is designed to quickly, reliably, and more economically turn up larger and multiple low-latency connections to BT’s data centers. Waveserver supports high-speed data transfer, virtual machine migration, disaster recovery and backup between data centers.

Waveserver is compact which will help BT to reduce real estate costs since space occupied by the equipment would be reduced. Ciena solution also provides rapid scalability and ease of deployment with up to 2.4T of capacity per stackable device to support surging bandwidth demands of web-scale data centers.

BT will also deploy Ciena’s new domain controller, Blue Planet® Manage, Control and Plan which will enable BT to introduce the Waveserver quickly and easily.

Ciena’s Waveserver® stackable interconnect system combines a best-in-class coherent chipset with a data center operations model for cost-effective, web-scale Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications.

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