Rostelecom Expands in Amursk


The town of Amursk is now connected with fiber optic cables that bring high-speed broadband services to the residential and business subscribers, thanks to the deployment done by Rostelecom crews. Amursk is a town in the Khabarovsk region in Russia.

Rostelecom has been busy in expanding its fiber optic networks to deliver high-speed broadband services all over Russia and Amursk is in news today for its connectivity from the service provider. Another 31 apartments that include 2,500 house units are also covered by the fiber optic networks.

Rostelecom provides broadband using its Fiber to the building network technology. The fiber will be terminated at the basement of the building from where the copper cables will carry the broadband signals. Since the distance from the basement to the subscriber’s usage area is shorter, Rostelecom is able to deliver up to 40Mbp

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