ZEOP Installs Iskratel GPON FTTH Home Gateway in Reunion


ZEOP, leading internet service provider has started deploying Iskratel’s GPON FTTH Home Gateway Innbox G68 solution in French Reunion as part of its fiber to the home deployments. ZEOP’s project, from initial contact to completion was carried out in less than six months and it is now able to deliver high-speed broadband services to the customers.

Iskratel’s GPON FTTH Home Gateway Innbox G68 solution was installed across ZEOP’s network on Réunion Island, providing ultrafast broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps to its subscribers.

optical fibers coming from the aerial pole to a homeZEOPhad customized its centralized management system, based on Broadband Forum’s TR-069 protocol. This enables the service provider to control and configure the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE, Home Gateways in this article). Remote customization of CPEs will optimize the network operation and reduce operational expenses apart from allowing the technical team to fix the problems well before a customer complains. In the future, this feature will allow ZEOP to upgrade its offering to a Wi-Fi mesh network through a simple software upgrade to deliver whole-home connectivity and improved customer experience.

What is a Home Gateway?

Home Gateway is a customer premise equipment installed at the customer‘s property. In a Passive Optical Network, optical fibers coming from the central exchange office to the customer premise gets terminated at an optical network terminal or optical network unit. This can be done either directly to the Home Gateway or indirectly by terminating at a wall mount box at first and then taken to the Home Gateway through an optical cord. Typically, the incoming fiber gets terminated at the wall and then a cord takes the connection to the Home Gateway.

Iskratel Innbox G60 series Home Gateway

Iskratel’s Carrier-class, top-of-the-line GPON home gateways provides advanced triple-play services, delivering the latest fibre GPON access technology and providing a high-end networking solution.

Model                   Local interfaces

Innbox G69        4x GE, 2x FXS, 2x USB, WiFi 802.11n/ac, UPS, CATV

Innbox G68        4x GE, 1x FXS, 2x USB, WiFi 802.11n/ac

Innbox G67        4x GE, 2x FXS, 2x USB, WiFi 802.11n, UPS, CATV

Innbox G64        4x GE, 2x FXS, 2x USB, WiFi 802.11n, UPS

These Home Gateways are powerful home gateway engines, offering triple-play services and compliant with ITU G.984 GPON Recommendations. They have multiple local interfaces for wired and wireless connectivity. These home gateways with features of router and firewall, secure wireless transmission and authentication, provide multiple HDTV IP streams and has an optional fiber termination unit.

Iskratel has footprints in 50 countries. Iskratel is one of the leading European providers of communications solutions for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety, and energy industries. It has its own R&D and manufacturing center and over 900 employees. Iskratel’s global footprint spreads over more than 50 countries.

ZEOP has an extensive network of fiber optic distribution cables in Réunion that passes 200,000 households. The provider’s fiber optic network is present in 17 municipalities.  ZEOP provides services with the downlink of 1Gbps. ZEOP had a plan to cover more than 90% of the island by mid of 2018. ZEOP had invested a total of euro 120 million plus an additional euro 80 million in near future.

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