HFCL Starts FTTH Cable Production at Hyderabad Factory


Himachal Futuristic Company Limited (HFCL) has started commercial production at its cable manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. This new Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Cable Manufacturing Facility at Hyderabad, Telangana will produce Optical Fiber Cables for Fiber to Home Applications.

HFCL FTTH Cable factory in HyderabadThe commencement of the new manufacturing facility along with its subsidiary HTL Limited in Guindy makes HFCL the largest manufacturer of FTTH cables in India.

HFCL had earlier invested approximately USD 35 million in Hyderabad Plant for manufacturing of Optical Fibers. Hyderabad optical fiber factory was commissioned in January 2020. HFCL invested around USD 5.3 million in the new factory with automated high speed machines to produce state-of-the-art fiber to the home cables.

The investment in a new factory dedicated to fiber to the home cables shows HFCL’s commitment to cater to the current Indian fiber optic market requirements. FTTH cables have different types of shape and design compared to conventional terrestrial or aerial cables.

What is FTTH Cable?

FTTH cable is that optical fiber cable that is used to connect to the home. They are the last-mile connectivity cables going from the outside distribution cables to your home. FTTH means Fiber-to-the-Home. FTTH has emerged as the most reliable and future-proof broadband technology since it offers seamless connectivity that is unaffected by weather conditions.

FTTH cables are thin, and light-weight optical fiber cables that have round or rectangular shapes. As last-mile connectivity cables, they have to meet stringent bend requirements that are demanded from the harsh deployment conditions. A new set of optical fibers dedicated for FTTH application has evolved that offers reduced macro bending loss at small bend radii. ITU-T classifies these fibers under the category of G.657.

Status of Fiber Cable Production in India

India is one of the highly digitally divided nations with more than 900 million people living in rural areas with zero or limited access to broadband connections. Telecom regulator in the country has tried to implement full digitalisation of the country by deploying fiber optic cables to more than 250,000 of India’s gram panchayats (villages).

The ambitious deployment plan proposed by TRAI in 2010 started slowly, but the scams in the telecommunications ministry and the highly corrupt bureaucrats in the country spoiled the whole plans and halted fiber deployments. These incidents took back the country’s advancement in the high speed broadband for at least ten years. The new Government at the center is trying to bring the required speed of fiber deployment, but again, the Indian telecom sector lacks a clear vision and strategy.

HFCL is one of the leading fiber optic cable manufacturers in India. Sterlite, Finolex, Aksh Optifibre, Birla Cables, Apar Industries, Vindhya Telelinks, Sudarshan Cables, ZTT etc are some of the other cable manufacturers in the country. Corning has established its optical fiber production facility in Pune, Maharashtra.

Role of Fiber Cable Manufacturers

Fiber cable manufacturers in the country have always been aggressive to push the technology to the market. Companies such as HFCL, with a proper investment plan and strategy in the fiber business, has always been front runner in the industry. HFCL has a substantial record of exporting fiber optic cables to both within and outside India.

The new state-of-the-art, automated high-speed FTTH cable Facility has come up with a fresh outlay of USD 5.3 million to ensure high throughput, economies of scale, and highest quality products. HFCL’s commitment to its customers is underlined with the investment in the FTTH cable plant and also in setting up the optical fiber factory in Hyderabad.

HFCL’s Managing Director Mr. Mahendra Nahata said that the latest Facility in Hyderabad makes HFCL the largest FTTH player in the country. The momentum in penetration of high-speed internet, increasing investment in digital networks, and growing demand for affordable access makes the company excited to serve the next generation communication needs of customers in India and across the globe.

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