Farmington School Plans Expansion of Fiber Optic Network

The Farmington school board has decided to expand its fiber-optic networks in the campuses. The current trend among schools in the United States is to build their own networks. The school board has approved a budget for the upcoming school year along with a fiber-optic network expansion project that will be connected to every school in the district.

Minister Inaugurates Fiber Optic Stations in Lebanon

Lebanese Telecom Minister Boutros Harb said his government intends to deploy fiber optic networks throughout the country while inaugurating two fiber optic stations in Rabieh and Serhal hospital. He told his ministry is taking the necessary steps to spread this new service to Beirut and other regions soon.

Fire Accident in TE Connectivity’s Plant

An employee of TE Connectivity’s Culpeper manufacturing division suffered burns to his neck and hands in an attempt to extinguish the fire that caught in one of the units on the production campus. The fire accident happened on Friday during a roof remodeling work at the Culpeper manufacturing division in Virginia, the United States. There was some fire damage to the production plant area, but the firefighters were able to quickly contain it and limit the damage.

Penetration Reaches 46.2 Percent in Fiber-to-the-Business Segment

Vertical Systems Group publishes a research report on optical fiber penetration in commercial buildings in the United States. According to the report, the business fiber penetration in the country has increased to reach 46.2% indicating a narrowing fiber gap in the broadband services in the commercial sector. Vertical Systems Group considers fiber-connected multi-tenant and company-owned buildings in the country with 20 or more staffs. There are more than 2 million such establishments in the United States. The growth in the business fiber was spurred by the expanded fiber installations and new building constructions.