Africa Needs Satellite and Fiber

Via Satellite has published an interview with the Chief Executive of FTTH Council Africa, Juanita Clark, which we think would be interesting to our members and readers.  She told that the developing world lags behind in FTTH deployments today, but there is a groundswell of efforts to connect more people, which may soon boost these numbers. I would like to share…

Megacable Deploys FTTH in Queretaro

Leading Mexican cable operator, Megacable Communications says they have invested around US$50 million for the deployment of optical fiber cable and accessories to build FTTH infrastructure in the north-central state of Queretaro. Megacable will deliver telephony (VoIP) and pay-TV (IPTV) services using the optical network.

Liquid Telecom Zambia Aims to Connect 100,000 homes

Zimbabwe-based internet service provider ZOL, which is owned by Africa’s leading telecommunication network provider Liquid Telecom aims to connect more than 100,000 houses to its fiber optic network by 2017. ZOL expects increasing demand in the coming years for high-speed broadband services, which is possible through fiber optic networks. The service provider’s Chief Executive Officer, Denny Marandure says the group wants to introduce cheap and affordable broadband service packages to its subscribers in Zambia. The project execution, however, depends on the cost of setting up the required fiber infrastructure and delays of licensing approvals by local authorities and the sector regulator.

P3 Board Approves Fiber Optic Cable Project in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s P3 Board (Public-Private Partnership) had approved the fiber optic cable network project, that is the “Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission project” to install next-generation fiber optic cables along the 880 kilometers Turnpike and extensions to provide communication capacity for the commission, state Department of Transportation (Pennsylvania’s DOT, PennDOT) and other commonwealth needs. Deployment of fiber optic cables will bring new jobs and business opportunities in the area.