Ciena and Ericsson Update Telstra’s Inter-Capital Network

Ciena and Ericsson have done enhancement to Telstra’s inter-capital network. With the updates on its next-generation optical network, Telstra would be able to save cost and offer better services to its customers. The market-leading enhancements provided by Ciena and Ericsson will support increased resiliency and cost saving. Through the deployment of the Layer Zero (Wavelength) Control Plane feature, Telstra’s network…

Emtelle Expands Production and Stock Facility in Erfurt

The UK-based Emtelle is expanding its existing production facility in Erfurt. Emtelle had purchased 17,000m² land, and an extensive stocking area of around 12,000m² will be built here. The remaining 1,400m² area will be utilized for setting up a production facility. With a total investment volume of EUR 8 million, the expansion offers more potential for production, storage capacities, new test facilities, and training.

Openreach Makes Final Connections in Highlands and Islands

Openreach has delivered 6,500 kilometers of fiber optic cable in order to bring superfast broadband to more than 290 Highlands and Islands communities and is now making the final connections. Openreach in a press release stated that the £146m fiber broadband roll-out is making its final stage before handing over to the Scottish Government’s Reaching 100% (R100) program.

Deutsche Telekom Introduces Fiber Factory to Speed up FTTH Deployment

Deutsche Telekom , DT has started a new deployment team consisting around 13,000 staff, what it calls ‘Fiber Factory’ to speed up the fiber deployment to homes. Deutsche Telekom is now accelerating the fiber cable deployment rate in Germany and estimates that in the future, the focus will be on giving fiber optic connections in large quantities. DT likes to…