Falmouth EDIC Proceeds with OpenCape Fiber Project

The Falmouth EDIC (Economic Development and Industrial Corporation) has decided to proceed with OpenCape project that will deploy fiber optic cables to the enterprise subscribers. OpenCape project aims to deliver seamless undisputed high-speed broadband services to the merchants without any additional cost to them.

STI and SEIMITSU Partner to Serve Central Georgia

Southern Telecom Inc. (STI) has entered into a partnership agreement with SEIMITSU (SEIMITSU Business Technology Solutions) to deliver fiber optic services to a multinational technology company in Central Georgia. The technology company is utilizing STI’s optical fibers to connect and expand its own broadband network and support a greater customer experience across the Southeast US region. The strategic partnership with SEIMITSU will offer colocation and a new fiber route.

Keystone Heights Airport Plans for Fiber Deployment

Keystone Heights Airport plans to deploy fiber optic cables as a measure to enhance and modernize its telecommunication facilities and update the broadband services in the Airport region. The Airport Authority will receive the required fund for the project from the Florida Job Growth Grant. Fiber optic deployment project would bring job opportunities to the locals. The current senator Rick…

Aurora City Council Rejects Naperville Redundant Fiber Network Proposal

Despite being one of the wealthiest cities (in terms of cities with over 75,000 population), the suburban Chicago city of Naperville has to wait for a redundant fiber optic connectivity. The Aurora City Council Committee did not approve the proposal to deploy a second fiber optic network in Naperville citing reasons of higher deployment cost. Aurora City officials have been…