Japanese Firms Achieve Asia’s First Internet-exchange Interconnection using 400 Gigabit Ethernet

A joint team of Multifeed, IIJ and NTT Com has conducted a successful IX interconnection in Asia using 400 Gigabit Ethernet. This is a first of its kind experiment where a four times higher traffic bandwidth of commonly used 100 Gigabit Ethernet. NTT Com in a pressrelease stated that the demonstration has confirmed 400-gigabit Ethernet’s viability commercially in terms of…

FiberCop, TIM and TLC Sign Co-investment Agreement

FiberCop, TIM Group infrastructure operator, and TLC Telecomunicazioni, telecommunications operator active throughout Italy, have signed an agreement to develop the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) access market through TLC Telecomunicazioni’s involvement in the FiberCop network co-investment project.

Open fiber Connects Altamura and Martina Franca with Optical Fiber

Italian fiber broadband network deployment company Open fiber announced that thirteen million private investments, over 20 thousand kilometers of optical fiber to lay, 12,500 real estate units already reached by a state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure. These are the numbers of Open Fiber in Altamura and Martina Franca cities that can now count on a telecommunications network entirely in optical fiber already…

Telecom Italia Signs NDA with CDP Equity

Italian incumbent telecom operaor Telecom Italia has signed a non-disclosure agreement with CDP Equity S.p.A. (‘CDP Equity’) to initiate preliminary discussions regarding the possible integration of TIM’s network with the network of Open Fiber, in which CDP Equity holds a 60% stake.