Ciena and Ericsson Update Telstra’s Inter-Capital Network


Ciena and Ericsson have done enhancement to Telstra’s inter-capital network. With the updates on its next-generation optical network, Telstra would be able to save cost and offer better services to its customers. The market-leading enhancements provided by Ciena and Ericsson will support increased resiliency and cost saving.

Through the deployment of the Layer Zero (Wavelength) Control Plane feature, Telstra’s network will become more flexible, programmable, and adaptive. This deployment will help Telstra automatically respond to emergencies such as fiber cuts and system events as well as recover from natural disasters, via wavelength switching.

The Layer Zero (Wavelength) Control Plane feature enables the switching of wavelengths acrErioss Telstra’s unique three paths between the country’s capital cities, providing Telstra’s customers the best service available, underpinned by automated wavelength switching control.

The capabilities of the Photonic control plane have been evolving to deliver new levels of intelligence and programmability to the optical network leveraging real-time analytics and SDN control to drive new efficiency opportunities for next-gen networks. A photonic control plane is an important component of next-gen optical networks, bringing new levels of intelligence and programmability required as part of the evolution towards Ciena’s Adaptive Network. It also opens the door to new differentiated services and revenue, with increased service availability while maximizing network efficiencies.

Benefits of Photonic Control Plane includes;

  • Maximization of capacity in next-gen networks
  • Enhancement in network efficiencies
  • Deliver new service offerings
  • Increase service availability

Chris Meissner, Telstra’s Transport, IP Core & Edge Engineering Executive, says: “More than ever, businesses today rely on data networks to empower employees and serve their customers. This investment adds to the peace-of-mind that our customers can expect as they leverage our Adaptive Core Network and hybrid SD-WAN networking as foundations to support digital transformations.”

Emilio Romeo, Head of Ericsson of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand says: “As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, Telstra has chosen Ericsson, alongside Ciena, to provide enhancements to its optical network by deploying a Layer Zero (Wavelength) Control Plane. This rollout will see Telstra experience significant energy savings and reduce its operational costs.”

Matt Vesperman, Managing Director for Ciena Australia and New Zealand says: “A network supporting multi-layer optimization is critical for network providers like Telstra as it allows them to automatically respond to unexpected situations like fiber cuts. Integrating Layer Zero Control Plane innovations with the IP network will not only boost capacity but will also enable a greater level of resilience and service.”

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