Televal Reports Growth in Mexican Fiber Optic Market


California based Valdor’s Mexican subsidiary Televal reports growth in fiber optic telecommunication market. The company says their study shows increasing demand for optical fiber products in the Mexican telecom market. TeleVal is in discussion for long term supply contract with one of the electronics company for their passive optical components. TeleVal says they are witnessing an increase in number of enquiries they receive for the supply of fiber optic products from Mexican customers.

Mexico has a population of more than 109 million. Fixed telephone density is at one of the lowest levels in the region with 17%. The fixed-telephone market is almost dominated by incumbent service provider Telmex. The operator claims about 80% market share, while the mobile market is dominated by Telmex’s sister company Telcel. Both Telmex and Telcel are owned by América Móvil. In order to revive the telecom market, a telecom reformation law was passed in 2013 to set up a new regulator and to remove barriers to foreign investment. These reforms helped Mexico’s telecom market to become more competitive and promising for telecommunication service providers and product suppliers. Communications in Mexico are regulated by the Secretariat of Communication and Transportation (SCT), afederal executive cabinet ministry and by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones or IFT).

In general, the telecommunications industry is mostly dominated by Telmex (Teléfonos de México), which has diversified its operations by incorporating Internet service and mobile telephony. It has also expanded its operations to Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador and the United States. Mobile telephony has the advantage of reaching all areas at a lower cost, due to reduced investments in required infrastructure. Total number of mobile lines in Mexico is nearly million. Open market policy in telecom sector invites many suppliers and service providers to Mexico. Mexico is home to two fiber optic cable producers; Condumex and Ju-Young Samsung.

TeleVal says, in the past week it has received a request for quote, the value of which was more than 0.5 million US dollars. This reflects the size of demand in the telecommunication sector in Mexico. The Mexican telecommunications market, including services, is currently about $35 billion/year and is projected to grow at about a 30% rate for the next few years. In parallel with the growth in communication sector, Mexico is now witnessing an increasing demand for Fiber to the premise network products. Some of the anticipated solutions and product leaders that TeleVal will provide include: attenuators, splitters, cable assemblies, jumpers, enclosures, high density fibre management systems, wave division multiplexers and dense wave division multiplexers. The TeleVal target markets include: telecommunications, aerospace, medical, government, security, data storage and cloud, commercial and industrial.

Valdor Technology International Inc. (Valdor) is a communications technology company with a business plan that incorporates growth by acquisition. Valdor currently has three divisions:

Niagara Streaming Media, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas is an industry pioneer and global leader in the encoder hardware and software market. Niagara has clients, including international television broadcasters, offices of worldwide local, state & federal governments, major universities around the globe and enterprise market Fortune 2000 clients. Thousands of Niagara systems have been deployed worldwide through its network of several hundred distributors and value added resellers. Niagara owns four patents and designs, manufactures and sells the Niagara and GoStream product lines. Streaming media encoders are the physical devices that are enabling streaming media to become the future of television and internet communications.

Valdor Fiber Optics, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, is an optical fiber components company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of passive fiber optic components, including some that use Valdor proprietary and patented technologies. Valdor is focused on harsh environment products for the roll-out of fibre-to-the-home in North America with a unique and compelling splitter design. Valdor has numerous clients and the Valdor splitters are installed in the optical fibre networks of Canadian telecoms. Fiber-to-the-home hard wiring will enable the bandwidth for television and internet communications of the future.

TeleVal Communication Technologies, which is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, is an optical fiber components company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of passive fiber optic components. TeleVal is focused on the deregulation of the telecom sector in Mexico and the roll-out of Fibre to the home in Latin America. Fiber to the home hard wiring will enable the bandwidth for television and internet communications of the future. TeleVal’s parent companies have many clients throughout North America and Latin America.

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