Talk Talk Plans FTTP Trials in York


UK service provider Talk Talk plans for pilot project to test fiber optic broadband transmission in York. Selected homes and businesses in York will be connected with fiber optic cables to deliver broadband services as trial. The preparation for the trials have already been started and hope to start in the autumn season. The trial will be the base for Talk Talk to deploy FTTP services to around 10 million subscribers across UK as per the provider.

Talk Talk plans to deliver 1 Gbps broadband speed to the homes, a speed that was available to the businesses a few years ago. Talk Talk had discussed with financial institutions for required funds and the confirms that the results were positive. Talk Talk is planning an economically viable fiber infrastructure in UK. However the deployment would depend on the take-rate. Telecom analysts say, a take-rate of 40 percent can be expected considering the trend in UK. Take-rate of 40 percent is promising for Talk Talk to go ahead with the project nationwide.


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