Gallipoli Gets Wired with Fiber Networks

Telecom Italia begins Fiber To The Cabinet deployment in Gallipoli. The broadband service based on FTTC technology will provide high speed internet services to the houses and businesses in Gallipoli. Around 19,000 houses will be benefited by the fiber cable network deployment.

FTTC network in Gallipoli will connect 19 municipal buildings also apart from houses. Telecom Italia estimates around 41 kilometers of fiber optic cables and 53 street cabinets are required for deployment in Gallipoli. The network would be able to provide a broadband speed of 30 Mbps that can be upgraded to 100 Mbps in the future. Gallipoli project is part of the Puglia deployment, the work that Telecom Italia got awarded to bring high speed internet services to 1.2 million houses in 148 locations in Puglia.


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