Fiber Connect Starts Deployment in Great Barrington


The Internet service provider, Fiber Connect of the Berkshires has started deployment of fiber optic cables in the downtown Great Barrington. The planning and route designs conducted until last month has identified cable routes where the company had to prepare the right of way certificates for hanging the cables. The broadband provider offers high-speed broadband services of 1 Gbps delivered over its fiber-optic network.

Great Barrington is a town in Berkshire County, which is part of the Pittsfield is in Massachusetts, United States. Latest census records reveal that the population is just over 7,100.

Fiber Connect Starts Deployment in Great Barrington 1

Fiber optic broadband services will be delivered to the business and residential subscribers. High-speed broadband has become a utility like the Gas, Electricity, and Water. Green builds world over has been designed with a provision to install fiber optic cables to the subscriber point.

A Berkshire, MA ISP provider, Fiber Connect offers residents and businesses high-speed, fiber optic internet plus digital phone services. Currently, the company offers a download speed up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) and has plans to offer upgraded speeds of upto10 Gbps. Fiber Connect services are currently offered in Egremont, Monterey, and downtown Great Barrington, MA.’

Chief Executive Officer of Fiber Connect, Mr. Adam Chait said that the company has already installed the network system in the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, and is working on landlord approval to string fiber cables on rooftops, and town approvals to run the cables under Main and Railroad streets. The company also will bring a fiber connection to Town Hall across the street, Chait said.

Fiber Connect hopes to gain the subscription of enterprise businesses, software engineers and similar end-users who look into high-speed internet services. These segment of customers usually demand the quality of network more than anything including the monthly fee and subscription offers.

Some residents and shop owners feel that it is time to switch from the old and outdated technologies. Broadband technology based on optical fibers offers high-speed, seamless services. The effort to bring fiber broadband has been a few years in the making, as a small committee and the company went around town to gauge support for the undertaking, as per some news reports.

For Fiber Connect, the fiber build is an investment made prior to the generation of revenues. In fact, all broadband builds have a kind of investment risk. Fiber Connect said they have invested a lot of money in Egremont and Monterey, and now in downtown Great Barrington with the expectation that the investment would be worth.

Fiber Connect plans to charge a monthly fee of US$99 for residential services and US$149 for business services. A One-time Installation fee from US$199 to $299 will also be charged, but it is worth considering the kind of services offered by the company.

Charter Communications is already in the town with their Spectrum cable and internet service delivered over a hybrid of coaxial and fiber technology. Charter provides a 1-gigabit service that starts from US$105 to US$250.

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