Emtelle Expands Production and Stock Facility in Erfurt


The UK-based Emtelle is expanding its existing production facility in Erfurt. Emtelle had purchased 17,000m² land, and an extensive stocking area of around 12,000m² will be built here. The remaining 1,400m² area will be utilized for setting up a production facility. With a total investment volume of EUR 8 million, the expansion offers more potential for production, storage capacities, new test facilities, and training.

Press release from Emtelle

While the construction of the newly acquired stocking area is already taking place since October 2020, the building works for the extension of the hall have just started. The new building will enable further optimization of the production for micro ducts, bundles, and fiber optic products, which Emtelle is producing in Erfurt. These developments will ultimately strengthen the company’s full offering and enable Emtelle to better serve the globally growing demand. The new stocking area will already be available from February 2021. The lines in the new production hall will be ready for production in August 2021.

With manufacturing facilities in Germany, Denmark, and Scotland, Emtelle are already perfectly placed to supply reliable, the high-quality fiber and ducted network solutions to over 100 countries across the globe. The expansion of the production site further emphasizes this and enhances the focus that Emtelle holds on continuously improving service to customers both in the German & global markets.

Emtelle Group CEO, Tony Rodgers comments “We are sending a clear signal by investing in our production in Erfurt. As leaders in our field, it is important that we have the opportunity to grow. In the next 12 months we will again grow and thus continue to give our best to produce and deliver as efficiently as possible – with a high focus on quality and customer satisfaction.”

Emtelle GmbH Plant Manager, Michael Viehmann adds: “The new property and the hall extension will enable us to offer best-in-class products and optimize our support and logistics. For us, the German market is a focus market and at the same time a rapidly growing market. It is therefore imperative that we continue to invest in our plant in Erfurt and expand and improve our production capacity. And we also want our customers and employees to feel comfortable at our plant. Therefore, the existing administration building is currently being modernized as well”.

Since the takeover of Moore GmbH at a total consideration of more than EUR 30 million in 2017 and the establishment of the German Emtelle GmbH, over 80 employees have been working at the Erfurt site, who are responsible for the production and sales of micro ducts. The expansion underlines the focus on the German and surrounding markets that Emtelle GmbH is pursuing. Since the establishment of the production in Erfurt, Emtelle has recorded enormous growth in Germany.

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